Bitcoin bubble or dot com bubble shooter

People will make it out that they are both the same but their not. The.

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Comparing the Cryptocurrency Bull Market and the Dot-Com Bubble:. Bitcoin vs.Bitcoin Bubble Makes Dot-Com Look Rational. Stephen Gandel is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering banking and equity.

Novogratz thinks bitcoin will come away as the winner, but none of them will become.While the sentiment and underlying forces of both bubbles may be similar, their.Thats right the Bitcoin Bubble and Dot Com bubble are two very different things.

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The crash in the value of Bitcoin shares has many eerie similarities to the Dot Com bubble.

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Tilman Fertitta, American billionaire businessman and television personality, explains that Bitcoin is no different than the dot-com bubble of the late.It is also known as dot com bust that was occure from 1997 to 2001.Comparing bitcoin to known bubbles assumes bitcoin is a bubble itself.

They believe that Bitcoin bubble will burst soon, just like dot-com bubble.

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Steve Wozniak has spoken at a Nex conference in New York where he has compared blockchain to the dot-com bubble of.

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The Dot-Com Bubble Still Dwarfs the Cryptocurrency ‘Bubble’

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a hot topic in the cryptocurrency space, where both massive profits and fraudulent scams abound — but is there really a bubble.Others believe that Bitcoin is nothing more than a speculative asset with zero base price.They have bitcoin atms here and I thought about it for a second but then was like can I really buy some.

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Morgan Stanley strategist Sheena Shah sees enormous resemblances between the cryptocurrency market behavior and the dot-com bubble.

So what if bitcoin is another bubble? The dot-com bubble

For the last few months there has been a resonating feeling around the cryptocurrency community that this is the new dot com bubble.

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